About Pale Publishing

We’re a small independent imprint that publishes role-playing games, mostly. Once upon a time we only published games and books in Swedish, under the Alltid Attack Förlag imprint, but now we’ve decided to unify our creations under one roof, no matter the language.

The first product from Pale Publishing is due in 2015, and it will be a role-playing game.

Legal stuff

The Pale Publishing imprint is managed by TDH For The Win AB, a Swedish private company.

Don’t steal our things or we’ll be sad and tell your parents. Please don’t pirate our products, we reinvest everything we make into the creation of new magical things. If you really have to pirate something we’re selling, please tell us why (we won’t send the cops your way, promise).

If you want to reprint and/or translate something we’ve published, get in touch. We’re nice guys and might say yes.

Some things are published under share-friendly licenses. We encourage you to share these things, because we think that makes the world a better place.