ARK resurrected, sort of

ARK is the role-playing game that wasn’t. It still isn’t, to be fair. ARK as we wanted to make it won’t be made, despite a manuscript resurfaced.

The ARK storyline is an old one outlined more than a decade ago by yours truly, not meant to be a role-playing game to begin with. The concept evolved, the idea of an episodic science fiction role-playing game took hold, and we went with it.  Then we shelved it all in 2006, after a devastating crash, but the story continued to develop and the world evolved with it.

It turns out some things won’t stay dead. We’ve found most of the things we thought lost, including the cover image and most, if not all, of the artwork commissioned for the first and second book. I’m sure Reine Rosenberg, the talented artist who did both the cover and all the illustrations for the core book and the first source book, will be thrilled to see his work again. I know that we’re thrilled to have recovered these things, an almost complete role-playing game, a bunch of source material, and the artwork.

This is great news. This is a positive spin to the crash that killed Alltid Attack Förlag, the publishing imprint we were operating under back then. While the imprint is long gone, Pale Publishing is the obvious successor.

ARK, take two

The ARK logo symbol
The ARK logo symbol

We’re not announcing ARK the role-playing game at this time. Let’s be clear, we’re really not doing that. We won’t publish the version we wrote all those years ago either, despite it being pretty close to launch when things went south.

ARK as a concept is alive, it’s been on my table on and off for the past two years. I pushed it back to write The Writer’s iPad, and the third and forth edition of Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, being technical stuff outside of the Pale Publishing experiment of course. The idea is, and has always been, to go ahead with the story, meaning that it’ll be a book, short stories, or something like that. I’m not telling at this time, but it aligns with the original plan with episodic content. In today’s ebook driven market, and with Pale Publishing slowly rising, that feels about right.

It’s not an announcement, it really isn’t. No promises, just a lot of happiness and the will to push ARK up on the todo list. Then, who knows?

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