Pale Publishing plans for 2015

We believe that you shouldn’t talk about products and plans until they’re just around the corner. Announcements are a tricky and dangerous game, and doubly so when they’re made in a business like this. Delayed games are annoying, and we’ll do our best to avoid delaying anything by shutting up until we’ve got something to share.

That said, being quiet and hidden from the world, not sharing what’s going on, isn’t exactly the best way to do things either. So with that in mind, here’s our plans for 2015, without making any hard promises. We’re still in the early startup phase after all, and we hope you’ll understand. 

Role-playing games

We’ve been working on a role-playing game for some time, commissioning artwork and preparing additional material outside the core book. This is a product line known as Project S2 for now, and we hope to launch at least two products in it during 2015. It’s also a good reason for not talking too much before announcing a product, because it was slated for 2014 to begin with, but other (successful) projects made us delay it. Project S2 will be available in both English and Swedish, although the timeline between the versions isn’t set yet.

There’s also a new role-playing project, called Project OTFP for now, in the works. It’s smaller in scope than Project S2, and might actually launch earlier. There’s a writer attached, and most of the artwork has been commissioned.

We’ll release our role-playing ruleset, Arpeg, as a free download. We like it, and we hope you will too. There is no set release date for this.

It’s not likely that we’ll introduce another role-playing product line during 2014-2015. There might be one-shot products though, since we’re mad like that.


There will be fiction written and published alongside our role-playing product lines. Most of it will be short stories and novellas, released as ebooks presumably. These works won’t necessarily carry the Pale Publishing brand, we’re not sure yet.

Fiction will be available in English only, at least initially.

And more?

We’re actively developing a project related to role-playing games with partners. There’s no official schedule or announcement yet, and it might very well be a dud.

We intend to publish material for our product lines online, both as free and paid downloads.

There’ll probably be a newsletter. Until then, there’s always Twitter, right? Oh, and we’ll try to blog and offer some behind the scenes insight into what we’re doing, share artwork and so forth. In fact, we’ve already started doing that, with the Blast from the Past series.

Photo by Gurney5 (CC).

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