Blast from the Past: Älvdalen


Here’s another nugget from way back when. Älvdalen was a fairy tale world that was supposed to become a lighthearted role-playing game, as well as a short story collection. Artist Thomas Eliasson did the above concept image, which was also made in color, but – alas – that version is lost.

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Blast from the Past: Stiel, the Green Knight

Stiel, the Green Knight, by Reine Rosenberg
Stiel, the Green Knight, by Reine Rosenberg

While not entirely related to Project OTFP at this time, the short stories about Stiel, the Green Knight, is set in the same fantasy world as the role-playing game. The image above was commissioned from Reine Rosenberg to illustrate one of three short stories that was published on a dedicated domain for the project. It was an experiment in fiction readership online, and it taught me a lot. You’ll definitely run into Stiel in the future, albeit not in those exact stories.

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ARK resurrected, sort of

ARK is the role-playing game that wasn’t. It still isn’t, to be fair. ARK as we wanted to make it won’t be made, despite a manuscript resurfaced.

The ARK storyline is an old one outlined more than a decade ago by yours truly, not meant to be a role-playing game to begin with. The concept evolved, the idea of an episodic science fiction role-playing game took hold, and we went with it.  Then we shelved it all in 2006, after a devastating crash, but the story continued to develop and the world evolved with it.

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