Blast from the Past: Stiel, the Green Knight

Stiel, the Green Knight, by Reine Rosenberg
Stiel, the Green Knight, by Reine Rosenberg

While not entirely related to Project OTFP at this time, the short stories about Stiel, the Green Knight, is set in the same fantasy world as the role-playing game. The image above was commissioned from Reine Rosenberg to illustrate one of three short stories that was published on a dedicated domain for the project. It was an experiment in fiction readership online, and it taught me a lot. You’ll definitely run into Stiel in the future, albeit not in those exact stories.

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Pale Publishing plans for 2015

We believe that you shouldn’t talk about products and plans until they’re just around the corner. Announcements are a tricky and dangerous game, and doubly so when they’re made in a business like this. Delayed games are annoying, and we’ll do our best to avoid delaying anything by shutting up until we’ve got something to share.

That said, being quiet and hidden from the world, not sharing what’s going on, isn’t exactly the best way to do things either. So with that in mind, here’s our plans for 2015, without making any hard promises. We’re still in the early startup phase after all, and we hope you’ll understand.  Continue reading Pale Publishing plans for 2015